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Perfect permanent makeup
Looking to wake up with eyeliner, brows, or lips already perfectly done each day?
About Us
At "ZOLOTOVA PERMANENT MAKEUP CENTER" we believe a beauty should be effortless and natural.
That's why we perfectly select the color of makeup in accordance with the color of your skin from more than 20 shades.
We make the best quality procedures and you are getting beauty and saving time for your happy life.
Choose your best permanent makeup today!
We know you value your time - that is why we offering to you our professionalism and passion to the beauty
With this air application technique
The pigment is applied to the skin to create a makeup effect. This look provides more definition and shape than microblading.

Duration: 60 min.
Price: $1600 $1099 Special price till 07/01/24
Lash line
Eyeliner tattoo
Powder ombre brows
This is the perfect procedure to emphasize the natural shape of the eyebrows, add some thickness and expressiveness to the look.

Duration: 60 min.
Price: $1800 $1199 Special price till 07/01/24
The author's technique "Baby doll lips" to give juiciness to the lips. Palette of colors from natural nude to bright saturated lipstick colors. Ideal for dark lips.

Duration: 60 min.
Price: $1600 $1099 Special price till 07/01/24
The tattoo is applied along the lash line. Gives expressiveness to the look and an additional effect of density to the eyelashes.

Duration: 60 min.
Price: $1500 $999 Special price till 07/01/24
Tired of having to do your eyeliner every morning?
Author's technic eyeshadow designer eyeliner from Anastasia.
Creates an additional visual lifting effect.

Duration: 60-90 min.
Price: $1800 $1199 Special price till 07/01/24
Phibrows microblading
For all procedures, a touch up is required after 1 month. Touch up price for all procedures $250, Lash line $200.
To prolong the qualitative effect, the procedure must be updated every year.
More beauty treatments
Classes & Trainings
We also offering procedures:
scalp micropigmentation, scar camouflage, areola micropigmentation, removing permanent makeup and others.

Duration: 30-90 min.
Price: $1800 $999-1499 Special price till 07/01/24
Do you want to be an artist or looking to improove you skills to earn more money?
We offering basic courses and master classes for professionals.

Duration: starts from 1 day
Price: $3900 $1500 Special price till 07/01/24
Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us
Rich & natural look
We perfectly choose colors from over 20 shades to match your skin and lip color.
We guarantee you will love your lips and brows!
Unique Experience
Anastasiia uses own unique technics. More than 8 years of experience in permanent makeup and teaching. We use this knowledge to make your life easier.
Quality hybrid pigments
We do NOT test our pigments on animals. Our pigments are hypoallergenic & completely safe for the body. They fade naturally over time.
Our clients love us
  • Best microblading and lips service in Miami!
    Anastasia is a true professional. I was very pleased with the result and the service that was provided to me.
    Naomi Valeriya
  • Anastasia is the absolute best there is.
    I would never go to anyone else. Her skill is unsurpassed. The best out there!
    Anastasia, you are AMAZING!
  • The lips I've always dreamed of
    Just got my lips tattooed by Anastasia. Really nice person and super professional. Going refer all my friends. Thank you!
  • Best brows ever
    I am satisfied with everything I got from this experience. Color, shape, attitude - it was just super! Now I know the difference. I am yours forever!
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Anastasiia Zolotova
Permanent MakeUp Artist
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777 Brickell ave, Miami, FL, 33130